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Loose & Crepey Skin

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Lifestyle factors such as aging, weight loss, and childbirth can disrupt the natural framework of your skin. This can cause skin laxity.

Men and women dealing with loose skin may struggle with wearing the clothing they want, or with combatting visible signs of aging.

At-home methods alone may prove ineffective, which can lead to frustration and disappointment. When you visit PURE Medical Spa for skin tightening treatments, we provide the best care and excellent results.

Details on Loose & Crepey Skin.

Collagen and elastin fibers maintain the tight structure of your skin.

However, as those fibers dwindle, your skin loses its ability to retract. In some instances, overstretched skin—whether from pregnancy or weight loss—can lead to permanent laxity that you cannot treat on your own. Many people may think that surgical procedures are their only option; however, non-invasive loose skin treatments can provide amazing results without incisions, downtime, or pain.

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