Stretch Marks Procedures

Stretch Marks & Stretch Mark Procedures

Learn more about Stretch Marks Procedures.

Stretch Marks & Stretch Mark Procedures

Regardless of who you are or the severity of your stretch marks, finding the right stretch mark treatments may be difficult.

Creams and other topical measures typically are not enough to resolve the issue. Therefore, PURE Medical Spa only offers proven non-invasive treatments to reduce the appearance of unwanted markings for smoother, clearer skin.

How Stretch Marks Emerge.

Both men and women can have stretch marks, but they commonly appear after puberty, pregnancy, and rapid weight gain.

Genetic predisposition may cause more elasticity in some people, allowing their bodies to avoid stretch marks. However, many people will still face the condition. Stretch marks typically fade from dark red streaks to a paler, more flesh color naturally. However, without professional intervention like a stretch mark procedure at PURE, they usually do not completely fade.

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