Marnie, Registered Nurse (Coeur d’Alene)

Marine's Career

Marnie is a provider at Pure with 12 years of aesthetic experience. She earned her RN,BSN at Seattle University after which she moved to San Diego, dividing her time between operating a small med spa and working in a cosmetic surgery office. Marnie recognized the importance of overall wellness in achieving optimal outcomes with aesthetic procedures which led her to treat patients more holistically. She emphasizes nutrition and exercise as the cake, and views aesthetic treatments as the icing! Marnie takes this philosophy to heart, she is a certified fitness instructor at MUV fitness in Spokane. Marnie enjoys working at Pure, she literally learns something new every day. She particularly loves providing wrinkle relaxer treatments to naïve patients as the results can be dramatic with no pain or downtime.


In her free time, Marnie enjoys her HUGE crazy family (she has 8 siblings, 3 children, and 5 grandchildren) reading, cooking, and kettle bell workouts. Her current obsession is biohacking. When you see her, feel free to inquire about her latest routine!