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Micro Laser Peel + Pro-Fractional SPECIAL

Regularly $1172

Club Pure Members

$822 + FREE Stem Cell Facelift (Platelet Rich Plasma) Procedure ($550 Value)


$972 + FREE Stem Cell Facelift (Platelet Rich Plasma) Procedure ($400 Value)
*This is PURE’s Signature laser treatment. The Micro Laser Peel is like taking an eraser to the surface of your skin, creating a fine smooth texture, smaller pores and decreased sun spots. A small injury is created on the surface of your skin that heals from the top layer of the skin down. The second procedure, Pro-Fractional, is where micro-columns of skin are targeted which heal from the deeper levels of the skin up. When these two magical treatments are performed together it creates massive amounts of collagen production causing skin to become tighter and firmer and scars to vanish.
*Special pricing until 1-31-18 
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