The Unique Massage Experience at PURE
Massage at PURE is unlike any massage you’ve experienced!  In addition to our incredible therapeutic and relaxing standard services, we are happy to consider a customized treatment to accommodate your individual needs.  Many treatments are available in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute options.   If you don’t see an experience you’re looking for, please ask.

Signature Massage
Our incredible full-body Swedish Massage.  Designed to soothe and encourage healing for tired and tight muscles and provide rest and relaxation for body and mind.

The Painkiller
Our Deep Tissue Massage.  Therapeutically addresses deeper layers of fascia and muscle tissue to relieve pain and promote injury healing and rehabilitation.

Rock My World
Our superb Hot Stone Massage.  This massage includes the therapist gliding smooth, warm stones along tight and tired tissue to relax your muscles and soothe the entire body.

Luxurious Oils
Our AromaTouch™ Massage.  Eight luxurious essential oils are sequentially applied along the back and feet, following proven reflexology zones.   This massage helps reduce toxic insult, balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, relieve stress, and promote long-lasting relaxation.

Mommy to Be
Our wonderful Prenatal Massage.  Extremely effective for relieving stress, relaxing tight muscles and supporting overall wellness for the mother to be.  Care is taken to properly position the client for comfort during each stage of pregnancy.

Restore Me
Our Acupressure therapy treatment, also called “Acupuncture without needles,” gently activates a specific pattern of the body’s energetic release points through finger touch.  Acupressure promotes proper circulation of blood and the correct flow of energy in the body to enable physical and emotional healing.

We Two
Our unforgettable Couples Massage.  Both of you enjoy a wonderful massage in the same treatment room, with two of our caring and professional massage therapists.  Popular for couples, moms with their daughters, and special friends.

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