Large Pore Treatments

Enlarged Pores

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When you have enlarged pores, finding the right solution can be tricky.

These treatments provide the youthful glow you are after.

Enlarged pores can become a major hindrance to your skincare efforts. With PURE Medical Spa, you gain scientifically proven large pores from treatments that refine the surface of your skin.

Enlarged Pores Explained.

Many people do not realize that pores are actually hair follicles designed to bring oil and sweat to the surface.

Both protect your skin and body. However, larger pores attract more dirt, debris, and oil, which can cause inflammation and breakouts. Genetics often influence the size and depth of your pores. However, outside factors such as aging, smoking, sun damage, oil production, and more can also contribute to the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I actually shrink my enlarged pores?

Do enlarged pores cause acne?

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