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LED Therapy

LED TherapyLed light therapy for hard to treat acne and rosacea. Safe & effective ~ no downtime

Best treatment for:Individuals with hard to treat acne, Rosacea, Fine lines and wrinkles. Led light therapy is a pain-free high-intensity, red and blue light system. Led light therapy treats a variety of skin conditions including: acne, rosacea, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Led light therapy treatments are safe and painless and require no downtime.

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Led Therapy

Commonly Asked Questions about LED Light Therapy

LED TherapyWhat are the side effects of led light therapy treatment?
Led light therapy treatment is a safe, pain-free treatment.

What results can I expect?
Although results vary from patient to patient, many patients (up to 80%) see a marked improvement in hard to treat acne.
Results can typically be seen in the second week of treatment with optimum results achieved 4-8 weeks after the treatment series.

How much does led light therapy treatment cost?
Led light therapy treatment varies in cost depending upon final treatment recommendations.

How do I get started?
Schedule your led therapy appointment at :


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